ExxonMobil Veterans

Job Information

ExxonMobil Advanced Chemical Facilities Planning Engineer in Baytown, Texas

Job Role Summary

  • Member of the Performance Liquids Technology (PLT) portfolio team, dedicated to providing technology solutions in support of ExxonMobil’s linear alpha-olefin (LAO), hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids, oxo and synthetics businesses

  • The product development group within PLT is responsible for developing new / improved products and processes that add value to the business

  • The group collaborates and maintains interfaces with Research & Development, Marketing, Process Improve, Business/Quality teams, and Customer Application Development

  • The Advanced Chemicals Facilities Planning Engineer (Advanced CFP) is responsible for leading development of small, technology intensive projects in their respective business area or functioning as a key technical contributor in development of a large Chemicals project

  • The Advanced CFP has sufficient technology specific skills, organizational knowledge and self-management skill to generate and lead evaluation of complex technical options, self-manage process and organizational interfaces, and collaborate effectively in order to develop technology advantaged facilities solutions

Job Role Responsibilities

  • Translates strategic business drivers into technology opportunities that reduce cost via advantaged feed or lower cost processes and/or economically produce new higher value products

  • Develops or improves process simulations to aid in troubleshooting or design of new / retrofitted facilities

  • Leads/supports technology programs or capital projects consisting of new or improved process technology

  • Translates lab or pilot plant results into process models that are used to scale-up to commercial scale

  • Designs new or retrofitted process facilities in support of major projects primarily based on new step-out technology

  • Collaborates with Process Improve group to supports development of technology basis memorandum (TBM) to apply new technology to manufacturing sites

  • Collaborates with process developers within PLT to guide progression of early stage technology programs into later development stages

  • Represent ExxonMobil and leverage external expertise in interactions with partners, joint ventures, industry associations, academia, and industry forums.

  • Participates in Technology Network meetings and follow-up as member

  • Shares facilities planning expertise with site contacts through Networks

  • Mentor early career facilities/process engineers. Demonstrate capability to influence without direct authority.

  • Utilize depth and/or breadth of experience to identify cross-functional business opportunities

Expected Level of Proficiency

  • Chemical Engineer or Process Chemist with a BS (minimum of 5 years of work experience) or MS/PhD (minimum of 3 years of work experience).

  • Experience with process modeling simulation software (PRO/II or Aspen)

  • Experience with capital project management systems

  • Competency in the following functional skills – process conceptualization and scale-up, process chemistry, energy optimization, refining / chemicals interface

  • Utilizes depth and/or breadth of experience to identify and pursue cross-functional business opportunities

ExxonMobil is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship status, protected veteran status, genetic information, or physical or mental disability.