ExxonMobil Veterans

Job Information

ExxonMobil Project Manager / Technical Specialist in Clinton, New Jersey

Job Role Summary

  • Serve dual role as Project Manager and Technical Specialist through all stages of Pilot Plant and Laboratory Projects ranging in complexity and cost ($100k - $2M typical)

  • Provide technical support for Operational Pilot Plants as an Operations Support Engineer

Major Responsibilities

Operate effectively in a multidisciplinary matrix research environment, providing leadership and insight in the discipline. This role demands a significant experience of interacting with both internal and external collaborators.

Project Design:

  • Perform early design development effort for R&D laboratory and Pilot Plant projects, with a focus on technical feasibility and identification and evaluation of alternatives

  • Collaborate closely with R&D researcher(s), operator(s), and 3rd parties to define program objectives, establish design basis, identify operability requirements, and select equipment

  • Develop P&ID’s and unit design specifications, often from limited, developing and/or incomplete process design basis information

  • Complete detailed engineering, including process and mechanical design; technical guidance to electrical and process control / programming design team

  • Develop pressure vessel and component design and rating per ASME standards

  • Specify and select equipment (pumps, vessels, tubing/valves, instrumentation) needed to meet approved unit design

Project Management:

  • Overall Project Management, including material procurement, contracting, cost and schedule control plan implementation, change management, and progress reporting

  • Develop quality assurance plan and ensure quality of final work product and workmanship against design specifications (PMI, installation, etc.)

  • Responsibility for leading project through all safety, health and environmental reviews, and verification for compliance with applicable internal and external standards

  • Provide technical work direction to designers and trades during project construction phase

  • Interface management responsibility for pilot plants designed and/or constructed at third parties

Operations Support Engineering:

  • Provide technical support to operations for running units this includes troubleshooting pilot plant mechanical and operational issues, modifying units (new feeds, increased automation, alternate reactor designs), vendor coordination, equipment specification (pump, valve, material compatibility, etc.)

  • Design / update P&ID’s and mechanical drawings

  • Develop Management of Change documentation procure materials

  • Provide technical work direction to trades and field verification that work is being done properly (process design follow-up)

Job Requirements

  • BS in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering; minimum 5yrs relevant experience

  • Ability to solve unstructured problems, prioritize and adapt to priority changes on short notice

  • Proficiency in process equipment selection and sizing, mechanical design of vessels / reactors (internals, externals), overpressure protection systems, lab scale process instrumentation (mass flow meters, regulators, pressure / temperature control, etc.)

  • Strong foundation in technical problem solving skills to assist in troubleshooting of pilot plant unit operations

  • Demonstrated ability to understand and apply relevant industry codes (ASME, NFPA) to pilot plants scale equipment; experience with process simulation tools (e.g. Pro II or equivalent)

  • Strong interpersonal skills such as communication, relationship building, initiative, adaptable, positive attitude, and team building

  • Highly self-motivated, with excellent attention to detail and strong organizational and communication (concise oral and written) skills

  • Organizational skills including multitasking and progressing different projects simultaneously

Preferred Qualifications

  • Work experience in Chemical industry or Research laboratories

  • Experience and understanding of chemical processes

  • General knowledge of Process Control Automation, including familiarity with implementation of control logic using PLCs

  • Track record in oral presentations

  • Flexibility, curiosity and openness for new projects and responsibilities

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ExxonMobil is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship status, protected veteran status, genetic information, or physical or mental disability.